Liberko Family Scholarship

The Liberko Family Scholarship with preference to UCLA students with a demonstrated interest in pursuing a trade career, particularly as a boilermaker, was established in 2018. Preference secondarily goes to continuing undergraduate and transfer students whose studies align with Engineering, Design or any degree relevant to pursuing a professional trade. Tertiary preference goes to students with demonstrated financial need. Applicants must complete a 500-600 word essay demonstrating interest in a professional trade career and be willing to meet and connect with the Liberko Family Scholarship committee.

Varies -- not renewable; notification by Nov 30
Supplemental Questions
  1. Pursuing a Career in a Professional Trade
    • Are you interested in pursuing a career in professional trade?
    • If yes, which trades interest you (select all that apply)?
    • Please briefly explain your interest in the selected professional trade(s).
  2. Pursuing a Degree Relevant to a Professional Trade
    • Are you pursuing a degree relevant to a professional trade? Please select all that apply.
    • Please briefly explain the relevance of the degree you are pursuing to a professional trade, with particular attention to the relevance of any courses you have taken or plan to take.
  3. Are you currently an undergraduate student or an entering transfer student?
  4. What level of interest do you have in pursuing a professional trade career? What experiences have shaped your interest in a professional trade career and prepared you to succeed in one? How will your UCLA education contribute to your readiness for a professional trade career and what are your goals and plans beyond UCLA? (Your essay should have a word count between 500 and 600.)
  5. Have you filed the FAFSA or Dream Act Application?
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