Mingori Climate Science Scholarship

For rising juniors working on climate change who are majoring in either Climate Science or Environmental Science, and focused on the science side of the issue, rather than policy, the Mingori Climate Change Scholarship was established in 2021. Preference goes to students who graduated from a public, California high school. PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS AWARD IS FOR STUDENTS ENROLLING AT UCLA IN AY 2025-26.

$5,000 -- renewable; notification by May 23, 2025
Supplemental Questions
  1. In AY 2025-26, will you be a rising junior entering your third year at UCLA?
  2. Are you majoring, or do you plan to major, in either Climate Science or Environmental Science at UCLA?
  3. Did you graduate, or are you going to graduate this year, from a public high school in Los Angeles County or Orange County in California?
  4. What science-based approaches to addressing the problem of climate change have you studied and/or worked on (as opposed to policy-based approaches)? What is your academic plan at UCLA and what future plans do you have for addressing climate change from a scientific, technical perspective?
  5. Please upload a current resume that focuses on your experiences with studying and/or working on science-based approaches to addressing climate change.
  6. Please write a 150-word bio in third person that summarizes your experiences and plans regarding science-based approaches to addressing climate change and includes a brief statement of your major/minor and current career goals.
  7. LETTER OF REFERENCE: Please provide the name and email of someone (not a peer or family member) who will provide a letter of reference on your behalf that speaks to your experience, aptitude and achievements in studying and working on science-based solutions to climate change, as opposed to policy-based approaches. Be sure to obtain permission from your recommender before submitting their name and email address. Your recommender will automatically receive a link prompting them to upload the recommendation via the UCLA Scholarship Portal. In case of issues, please contact Mac Harris of the Center for Scholarships and Scholar Enrichment at mharris@college.ucla.edu.
  8. Please provide the best cell phone number (nine digits with no dashes, spaces or parentheses) for the UCLA Center for Scholarships and Scholar Enrichment to contact you regarding your scholarship if necessary.
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