Komar Shideler Centennial Scholars Study Abroad Scholarship

The Komar Shideler Study Abroad Scholarship was established in 2019 through the generosity of Ross Shideler and Kathleen Komar. Preference will be given to Comparative Literature and Scandinavian Languages majors/minors, but all applicants with high financial need who have not studied abroad will also be considered (regardless of major). For applicants who are not Comparative Literature or Scandinavian Languages majors/minors, preference will be given to students in the Humanities first, followed by students in the College of Letters & Science, and then all other applicants.

Ross Shideler and Kathleen Komar
Supplemental Questions
  1. What term will you be studying abroad?
  2. What Program/Country have you selected to study abroad?
  3. Are you a Comparative Literature or Scandinavian languages major or minor?
  4. Please tell us about yourself and goals for your specific study abroad program. Where possible, address specific academic and extracurricular opportunities you expect to engage abroad, how your identities influenced your decisions or hesitations to study abroad, or even challenges to studying abroad. If you are a Scandinavian languages or Comparative Literature major/minor or simply in the Humanities, we encourage you to share how (or if) these fields fit with you study abroad program of choice. (within 650 words)