Shirley and Walter Wang Study Abroad Scholarship

The Shirley and Walter Wang Study Abroad Scholarship is made possible by a generous gift from Shirley and Walter Wang who wish to encourage UCLA students to study abroad. The Wang Scholarship is designed for middle-income UCLA students, with a preference for First-Generation and STEM students. See details. Students must comply with program registration/application deadlines to be eligible for this scholarship.

Shirley and Walter Wang
Supplemental Questions
  1. What is your area of study?
  2. Please select your study abroad program/term:
  3. Explain how your study abroad program will help you achieve the academic and/or career goals you mentioned in your Personal Statement. Give two specific examples.
  4. Please share an example(s) of a time in which you demonstrated open-mindedness, resilience or resourcefulness, and how that has prepared you to be successful while studying abroad.