Blue and Gold Scholarship

The Blue And Gold Scholarship Fund was established in 2000 to be awarded to students with financial need who were selected as part of the Chancellor’s Blue & Gold program.

The _Chancellor’s Blue and Gold program _ was established by the University of California, Los Angeles in the Fall of 1998 to recognize the academic achievements of first year students coming to UCLA from Los Angeles County High Schools that traditionally have sent few students to UCLA. Every year UCLA Admission selects high achieving students to receive this prestigious award. The program is also open to students transferring to UCLA from community colleges in the greater Los Angeles area. Currently, awards range from $1,000 up to $5,000 annually and are offered for four years to freshmen and two years to transfers. Approximately 350 students are supported annually with expenditures exceeding $1,000,000.

Community service is an integral part of the Chancellor’s Blue and Gold Scholarship program. Each scholar is required to complete twenty hours of community service each year they receive a Chancellor’s Blue and Gold Scholarship. Students have participated in a variety of university activities including recruitment and outreach, assisting in workshops, and returning to their alma mater to encourage other students to apply to the University of California.