Mandel & Winick Endowed Undergrad Scholarship

The Mandel and Winick Undergraduate Scholarship is for UCLA College undergraduate students who participate in UCLA-based extracurricular activities, carry a 3.0 cumulative GPA or higher and do NOT receive any need-based gift aid (grants) from the university, although they may have financial need according to federal guidelines.

UCLA-based extracurricular activities may include, but are not limited to UCLA Athletics, club sports, Greek life, Volunteer Center, student government, theater, music, dance, the Daily Bruin and/or other UCLA student groups and/or organizations.

Preference will be give to students who have this past summer been employed or worked in an internship, participated in volunteer work and/or community service, and/or taken academic courses (including study abroad).

Varies; not automatically renewable, must re-apply -- notification by Aug 31
Supplemental Questions
  1. UCLA-based Extracurricular Activities
    • Are you currently involved in any UCLA-based extracurricular activities?
    • In which of the following UCLA-based extracurricular activities you are currently involved (check all that apply)?
    • Please provide brief descriptions of your role and timeline in each of the UCLA-based extracurricular activities you checked. If you checked 'Other,' please explain.
  2. Activities This Summer
    • Are you participating in any of the following activities this past summer (check all that apply)?
    • Are you working, taking academic courses or perform UCLA-based volunteer/community service this past summer?
    • Please briefly specify your activities and timeline in any of the categories that you checked in the preceding question.
  3. How have your work experiences and/or your experiences in UCLA-based extracurricular activities fostered your success as a UCLA student? How would this scholarship help you enhance those experiences in the coming year?
  4. Have you filed the FAFSA?
  5. LETTER OF REFERENCE: Please provide the name and email of a UCLA instructor, counselor or administrator who will provide a letter of reference on your behalf. Your recommender will automatically receive a link prompting them to upload the recommendation via the UCLA Scholarship Portal. It is critical that the recommender meet the deadline or the portal will close and your application will be considered incomplete. NOTE: IF YOU ENCOUNTER DIFFICULTIES SECURING A LETTER OF RECOMMENDATION DUE TO THE PANDEMIC, please contact Mac Harris (Student Affairs Officer for the UCLA Scholarship Resource Center) at
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