Alpha Zeta Theta Xi Barman Scholarship

The Alpha Zeta Theta Xi Barman Scholarship was established in 2017 to support scholarships for UCLA undergraduate students who are part of a chapter in the UCLA Interfraternity Council, with a preference for those in Theta Xi. In the event that the Interfraternity Council is disbanded, preference will revert to students who participate on an intramural sports team.

Preference will be given to students who carry a 3.0 cumulative GPA or higher and are involved in fraternity activities such as elected offices, chapter events, and sports.

up to $5000 -- renewable; notification by Sep 30
Supplemental Questions
  1. Fraternity Activities
    • Are you a member of Theta Xi?
    • Are you currently involved in fraternity activities?
    • If yes, what is the nature of your current activities in the fraternity? Please specify any elected office that you hold in the fraternity, any chapter events you have helped organize or have participated, any sporting activities, and anything else that you consider pertinent.
  2. How have your fraternity activities enhanced your UCLA experience and in what ways have they helped shape your future goals?
  3. Intramural Sports
    • Are you currently involved in, or during your time at UCLA have you been involved in, intramural sports?
    • If you are currently involved in intramural sports, or have been, please briefly describe your role and the timeline of your involvement.
  4. Please upload a current resume and a 150-word bio that focuses on your involvement in fraternity activities and includes a brief statement of current career goals.
  5. LETTER OF REFERENCE: Please provide the name and email of an instructor, counselor or administrator who will provide a letter of reference on your behalf. Be sure to obtain permission from your recommender before submitting their name and email address. Your recommender will automatically receive a link prompting them to upload the recommendation via the UCLA Scholarship Portal. It is critical that the recommender meet the deadline or the portal will close and your application will be considered incomplete. NOTE: IF YOU ENCOUNTER DIFFICULTIES SECURING A LETTER OF RECOMMENDATION DUE TO THE PANDEMIC, please contact Mac Harris (Student Affairs Officer for the UCLA Scholarship Resource Center) at