Leah Bettelman Educational Scholarship

The Leah Bettelman Scholarship for students with employment history was established in August 1993, with a preference to reentry and transfer students. Students must demonstrate financial need.

$2000 minimum -- not renewable; notification by August 30
Supplemental Questions
  1. Employment History
    • Have you ever been employed?
    • If yes, please list your employer(s) and position(s) held
    • If yes, what led you to pursue employment and what has your employment experience taught you?
  2. Are you a reentry student whose studies were interrupted?
    • If yes, why were your studies interrupted and what inspired you to continue your studies?
    • Were your studies interrupted?
  3. Are you a transfer student?
    • Are you a transfer student?
    • If yes, please describe your educational journey and your motivation for transferring to UCLA
    • If yes, select the most appropriate category for the school from which you transferred
  4. Please upload transcripts that cover all of your college attendance at all institutions you have attended
  5. Please upload a current resume and a 150-word bio that focuses on your work experience and includes a brief statement of current career goals.
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