Don Shepherd Endowed Undergraduate Scholarship

The Donald R. Shepherd Scholarship Fund was established in 2010 with preference to entering freshmen who are US citizens or permanent residents, as well as residents of San Diego County who attended high school there. Students must demonstrate financial need via the FAFSA and must have a minimum high school GPA of 3.75, enroll in a major in the UCLA College of Letters and Science and submit the FAFSA by March 2nd.

$8,000 -- renewable for four years; notification by Aug 15
Supplemental Questions
  1. Relationship to San Diego County
    • Are you a (permanent) resident of San Diego County?
    • Did you attend high school in San Diego County?
    • What has been, and is, the nature of your permanent residence in San Diego County and what was the nature of your high school attendence there (length of time)? Please explain briefly.
  2. Have you filed the FAFSA?
  3. Please upload an official or unofficial copy of your high school transcript.
  4. Please upload a current resume with a 150-word bio that focuses on your leadership and community service experience and includes a brief statement of current career goals.
  5. Write an essay that discusses your dreams, goals and passions, as well as any challenge that you have overcome. How do you plan to continue to be a scholar in college? Highlight any extracurricular activity and community and/or volunteer service in which you've been involved.
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