UCLA Global Internship Program Scholarship

The UCLA Global Internship Program Scholarship was established in 2020 by the UCLA International Education Office (IEO) to support students participating in the UCLA Summer Global Internship Program on the basis of need.
The application cycle takes place each Winter Quarter for the upcoming Summer term and is open to those who meet all requirements. See Eligibilty Criteria. (Please note that students enrolled in the UCEAP Summer Global Internship Program are not eligible for this scholarship).

Note: IEO strives to provide scholarship funds broadly to assist the maximum number of applicants. As such, multiple awards per applicant are unlikely.

up to $3,000
Supplemental Questions
  1. Which UCLA Global Internship program are you applying for? (please note that if you are participating in an internship program through UCEAP, you are not eligible for this scholarship)
  2. Have you had previous study/travel abroad experience?
  3. How might an international internship differ from a domestic internship? How do you anticipate your internship abroad will benefit your career? (300 words)
  4. Please describe work, volunteer, and/or extra-curricular activities that have prepared you for this international internship and that distinguish you from other applicants. (300 words)