European Undergraduate Study Abroad Scholarship

The European Undergraduate Study Abroad Scholarship was established in 2017 and made possible by a generous gift from Mr. Jonathan Fragodt’91. This scholarship was created to support study abroad in Europe (with the exception of the United Kingdom). Students attending a program in the UK should apply to the UK Undergraduate Study Abroad Scholarship.

Note: IEO strives to provide scholarship funds broadly to assist the maximum number of applicants. As such, multiple awards per applicant are unlikely.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Please select your study abroad program/term:
  2. Which European country will you be going to for your study abroad program?
  3. Have you had previous study/travel abroad experience?
  4. If you have traveled abroad before, please list the countries you have visited and the duration of your trip(s). If you have never traveled abroad, please enter N/A.
  5. Beyond financial need, why are you the best candidate for this scholarship? (300 words)
  6. How will your study abroad experience empower you to make a positive change in our world? (300 words)
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