Carl H. Unruh Endowed Undergraduate Scholarship

For UCLA College undergraduates who have a connection or connections to adoption and/or foster care and have demonstrated financial need, the Carl H. Unruh Undergraduate Scholarship Endowment was established in 2006. Connections to adoption and/or foster care could include, but are not limited to students who are, or have been, adoptees, members of a family that includes one or more adoptees, adoptive parents, birth parents who have surrendered a child for adoption, current or former foster parents, currently or formerly in foster care and interested in researching adoption-related issues.

Minimum $1,000 -- not renewable; notification by March 22
Supplemental Questions
  1. Connection to Adoption and/or Foster Care
    • Do any of the following connections to adoption and/or foster care apply to you (please select all that apply)?
    • Please briefly explain any connections to adoption and/or foster care that you selected from the list.
  2. What are your current academic activities, plans and goals? How would this scholarship help you academically?
  3. Means to Demonstrate Financial Need
    • Do you expect your FAFSA or Dream Act Application to demonstrate financial need or, if not, can you demonstrate financial need by other, verifiable means?
    • If you do not expect your FAFSA or Dream Act Application to demonstrate financial need, but can demonstrate it by other, verifiable means, please briefly explain. If you do expect your FAFSA or Dream Act Application to demonstrate financial need, you may simply write 'not applicable.'
  4. Please upload an official or unofficial UCLA transcript and/or official or unofficial transcripts for all colleges or universities that you have attended.
  5. Please upload a current resume that focuses on your academic achievements.
  6. Please write a 150-word bio in third person that summarizes your connection to foster care and/or adoption, as well as your key academic interests and experiences and includes a brief statement of your intended major/minor and current career goals.
  7. LETTER OF REFERENCE: Please provide the name and email of an instructor, counselor or administrator who will provide a letter of reference on your behalf. Be sure to obtain permission from your recommender before submitting their name and email address. Your recommender will automatically receive a link prompting them to upload the recommendation via the UCLA Scholarship Portal.
  8. Please provide the best cell phone number (nine digits with no dashes, spaces or parentheses) for the UCLA Center for Scholarships and Scholar Enrichment to contact you regarding your scholarship if necessary.
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