College Honors Scholarships

College Honors Scholarships will provide support for highly meritorious undergraduate students participating in Honors Programs in the UCLA College of Letters and Science. Selection will be based on high academic merit and achievement from among the most talented UCLA undergraduates. Most scholarships are awarded to students for one academic year, and range from $500 to $5,000. Applicants will be considered for all scholarships for which they meet eligibility, and will only need to fill out this Honors application. For a detailed listing of these scholarships, please review the scholarships link from the Honors website.

$500 - $5,000 (varies)
Supplemental Questions
  1. "You cannot do a kindness too soon, for you never know how soon it will be too late." – Ralph Waldo Emerson. "No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted."– Aesop, (620 BC – 560 BC), The Lion and the Mouse. Please select one of these quotes and discuss how it resonates with your life experience. For example, how has offering or receiving an act of kindness changed you? Feel free to respond to this question with either an essay, a video, or an infographic.
  2. Please indicate which way you would like to respond to the prompt.
  3. 2024 Infographic or Video - If your response will be an infographic or video, please enter the URL for your uploaded file. If writing an essay, please leave blank.
  4. Will you be participating in a senior thesis (Dept honors) the following academic year?
  5. If you are pursuing a Senior Thesis, please upload a statement of endorsement (that includes the general thesis topic) on offiical letterhead from the professor (or departmental advisor) who will oversee the senior thesis.
  6. Mentorship
    • Have you participated in any mentorship activities this year?
    • Please expand on the mentorship activities that you were involved in this year. If you answered 'no', please indicate 'not applicable'.
    • Please expand on the mentorship activities that you will be participating in. If you answered 'no', please indicate 'not applicable'.
    • Will you be participating in any mentorship in the near future?
  7. Career in publishing
    • Are you pursuing a career in publishing, communications, or media?
    • If you are pursuing a career in publishing, communications, or media, please briefly describe your interest and plans in the respective fields.
  8. Did you participate in Varsity level athletics in high school?
  9. Career in Ministry
    • 1. Are you interested in a career in the ministry or an form of religious work?
    • 2. If you answered yes, please upload a statement verifying your commitment to a religious career (letter may be from a member of the clergy, rabbinate, or other similar group).
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