Professor Harry Simons Endowed Undergraduate Scholarships for the Study of Accounting

The Prof. Harry Simons Endowed Undergrad. Scholarships for the Study of Accounting was established in 1999 to provide scholarship support for undergraduate students majoring in any field of Economics with a minor in Accounting who intend to pursue a career in public accounting.

The donors have specified particular criteria for many of the awards, however the following information applies to all awards in the Department of Economics:

  1. You must be officially declared as an Economics or a Business Economics MAJOR (or you must have completed the prep for one of these MAJORS and indicate that you will apply to the major by the scholarship application deadline).
  2. You must be a full-time UCLA student for the entire academic year.
  3. Award recipients are required to write a thank you.
  4. Bios of the award recipients will be shown on the Department of Economics Scholarship Website.
  5. Scholarship awards are only for the current academic year. Receiving a scholarship one year does not guarantee a scholarship award the following year.
  6. The scholarship funds will pay out to each recipient in Winter and Spring quarters.
  7. U.S. Citizens and International Students are eligible to apply. However, International students may not apply for financial need based scholarships.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Undergraduate officially in any Department of Economics major
  • Officially in the Minor in Accounting
  • 3.5 or higher cumulative UCLA GPA
  • Students with sophomore or junior standing must have completed Management 1A and 1B. Students with senior standing must have completed Management 1A, 1B, 120A and one of 120B, 122, or 127A
  • Demonstrated financial need (FAFSA/DREAM). Consideration will be given to students who are working while attending classes and who seek in financial assistance in order to reduce works hours and focus more on their academic activities

If you have any questions regarding the scholarship criteria, please contact the Department of Economics through MyUCLA via the Message Center.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Which Department of Economics Scholarships are you applying to?
  2. Describe your major and career goals, and indicate why you qualify for this particular scholarship in the Department of Economics.
  3. I am officially declared as a Business Economics or Economics major. Please select an option below.
  4. I have currently declared a minor officially. Please select option below.
  5. I have completed the Management courses requirement according to my class standing. Please select option below.
  6. I confirm that I will be a full-time student for the entire academic year in which I am applying for a scholarship. Please select option below.
  7. Please upload a PDF copy of your most recent UCLA Degree Audit Report (DAR).
  8. Please upload a PDF file of your current resume.
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