Center for Community Engagement Internship Award

The Center for Community Engagement Internship Award provides financial compensation for an unpaid remote internship in the nonprofit or public sector for students whose financial circumstances would otherwise prevent them from pursuing unpaid internships. The Internship Award will be offered based on the following criteria:

  • Potential for substantive experiential learning through the internship
  • Potential for the internship experience to support career exploration
  • Financial need

In order to be eligible for the award, UCLA students must meet all of the following qualifications:

  • Must be a current degree-seeking junior or senior (90+ units) UCLA undergraduate student in good academic standing, including incoming transfer students
  • Must be eligible to enroll in a 4-unit online departmental195CE internship course during Summer Session A (10 weeks) that the internship occurs (which includes 8-10 hours of internship work/week)
  • Must have secured, or have received an offer, for an unpaid remote internship in the nonprofit or public sector during Summer Session A (10 weeks)
  • Must demonstrate financial need

Expectations and responsibilities of award recipients

  • All recipients are expected to complete their remote internship and an online departmental 195CE internship course
  • Students who receive awards from a donor-funded award will be asked to write a thank-you note to the award sponsor and share a picture remotely working with the internship
  • After completing the internship, all scholarship awardees are required to submit a short statement or video addressing how the internship experience helped them grow and how it affected their career aspirations

The Center for Community Engagement (CCE) continues to be guided by the World Health Organization (WHO), Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and UCLA guidelines about COVID-19. Because public health conditions are still unpredictable worldwide, CCE is extending remote 195CE internships only for Summer 2021 at this time.*
*In the best interest of the safety for both students and internship sites, CCE is moving forward with only approving remote internships at this time. If public health conditions significantly improve and additional guidance is given by UCLA, on-site work may be considered at that point.

For questions, please contact Megan Lebre, Academic Coordinator, at

Supplemental Questions
  1. Why have you chosen to pursue an internship in the nonprofit or public sector?
  2. Please share the remote internship details.
    • Describe your remote internship, your role and responsibilities, and how many hours you will be working
    • How did you find your internship?
    • How will this internship contribute to your academic, professional, and personal goals? Include any specific research or fieldwork interest you may have.
    • Please provide the physical address of your internship site, but please note that all 195CE internships must be remote work for Summer 2021.
    • Please upload an attachment of the position or internship job description.
    • What is the length of the internship? It must be at least 10 weeks over Summer Session A, 10 weeks (June 21 - August 27, 2021)
  3. What are your goals for this particular internship experience and the departmental 195CE internship course? What do you hope to learn? Please feel free to use bullet points.
  4. What other factors do you wish for the Center for Community Engagement to consider in making decisions about the award?
  5. How did you learn about the Center for Community Engagement Internship Award?
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