UCEAP First Generation Scholarship

The UCEAP First Generation Scholarship was established in 2018. For Summer/Fall 2021, this scholarship will provide three $3,000 awards for a first-generation college student participating on a UCEAP program! See Eligibility Criteria. This scholarship can be applied to UCEAP virtual programs, but the award amount may be reduced.

For the Summer/Fall cycle, applicants are also considered for the UCLA Kimura Airfare Grant, which covers $900 of student’s airfare. The Kimura Airfare grant is the result of a generous donation from UCLA alumni Stephanie and Mark Kimura. Recipients of this grant will have a small service commitment.

Supplemental Questions
  1. What term will you be studying abroad?
  2. Which UCEAP program have you selected? Please enter the official name of the program. (NOTE: Travel Study program participants are not eligible for this scholarship).
  3. Prior Study Abroad Experience:
    • Have you previously studied abroad?
    • If so, where, when and for how long? (If no, please enter N/A)
  4. How has your experience as a first-generation college student shaped the academic and professional goals you mentioned in your Personal Statement?
  5. How do you expect studying abroad will influence your professional and personal goals?